Damage and Recovery

Alt Rule system

The rules for Damage and Recovery are harsher in this system. There is no Cure Power, and wounds must be treated to avoid infection.

Lethal Damage

The Damage system been used is based on Baduin’s modified system as well as the Condition Track. Taking a level of lethal damage causes Collateral Non-Lethal Damage. Fill an equivalent box of Non-Lethal damage when taking a level of Lethal damage.


The different levels of lethal damage are:
Hurt (Hur): Persistent until after resting 1 hour.
Wound (Wnd): Persistent until resting 2 hours. If not treated (DC 10), check for infection next day.
Disabled (Dis): Persistent until resting 4 hours. If not treated (DC 15), check for infection next day.
Dying (Dyi): Make a DC 10 Constitution Check each round. If failed, go to Dead and if successful by 10+, become Disabled.
Dead (Dea): You are Dead.

If a box is full, remember that the damage overflows to the next highest.

To recover from injuries the time requirement for the highest level injury must be fulfilled. In that case, the Character can use a recover action. After he succeeds, he must wait the necessary time for the next lethal condition.

Damaged Conditions


Non-Lethal damage causes
Dazed: Stunned for 1 round, move 1 step down the Condition Track.
Staggered (Sta): Stunned for 1 round, move 1 step down the Condition Track.
Unconcious (Unc): Unconcious, and persistent until 1 minute passes.


Strained (Str): Move 1 step down the Condition Track
Winded (Win): Move 1 step down the Condition Track
Fatigued (Fat): Move 1 step down the Condition Track, Persistent until resting 1 hour
Exhausted (Exh): Move 1 step down the Condition Track, Persistent until resting 8 hours

Poison and Disease

Disease: Move 1 or more steps down the Condition Track, Persistent until 2 successful saving throws in a row, or the Disease is succesfully treated.
Poison: Move 1 or more steps down the Condition Track, Persistent until the Poison is Successfully treated or 1 hour passes.

Non-Persistent Conditions

Some attacks (enfeeblement, fear, etc..) cause Non-Persistent Conditions. These conditions can be removed by the Recovery Action.

Persistent Conditions

Persistent Conditions are those that can’t be removed until certain prerequisites are fulfilled. After the prerequisistes are fulffilled, the Recover Action can be taken for that condition.


Recover (Full Round Action)

Recover: After combat, a character can try to recover from a non persistent condition. This is a DC 10 Constitution (Physical/Fatigue,Wound) or Wisdom Check (Mental), not affected by the Condition Modifier. Failure means the character takes a level of Strain. The Recover action can be taken for Non-Persistent conditions during combat as full-round action.

H2. Strain

Strain is a condition that represents the attrition of adventuring. Recovering from Strain depends on the amount of rest.
2 hour of Rest, removes 1 level of Strain
4 hours of Rest removes 2 levels of Strain
8 hours of Rest removes 3 levels of Strain
16 hours of Rest removes 4 levels of Strain
32 hours of Rest removes 5 levels of Strain

Further Condition Damage

A creature that falls unconcious because of the condition track, but continues to take condition damage (from poison or disease), takes instead an automatic level of Lethal damage. In this manner diseases, poisons or suffocation can cause death after enough time elapses.


If a Character doesn’t take the Precaution of avoiding infection, the Character is attacked by a +10 attack against Fort Defense or take 1 level of Disease after 24 hours. If multiple wounds are infected, increase the DC bty +2 for each additional infection.

Damage and Recovery

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