Hassan Al'aram

Cascade General Store Owner


Normal (5,5 ft) statue for this actual time

Slim built built but strong. +1 str.
A little clumsy with small objects. -1 dex
A little on the light side but with some scars. +1 con
Good on the numbers +1 int
Business skills could improve. -1 wis
Negotiating is normal. 0 char


Hassan al haran is a local small business man with a store of minor goods and pelts.

When Fredrik went out snooping the town he came to find Al Hasan’s store and went in. He saw fredrick with indiference not habitual in locals due to this soldiers 6,5. That attitude caught fredrik’s attention.

Later noticing that in the back side of the store some people were retrieving stuff in a not so legal way (so to speak) fredrik went towards the store owner to see whats going on. In that moment the theives come out from the back and nudge fredrik. In that surprise the owner seeing him tower over these misfits started shouting “thieves!! Thieves!!” And told them Frdrik was his new guard. That surprise became a brawl for our sniper fellow who in a flick a moment took out his hunting knife and plucked a couple slick cuts to the felons.

In that moment the felons left and said they would be back. As of that the store owner said he has had some “protection” issues recently after the disappearance of local leaders and that his busines has not been booming so much. No expecting repayment Fredrik was leaving the store and Al hasan asked him if he couñd help him at certain schedules when goods were coming in. Although fredrick saw it as a low end no end request he said “what do I get from it?”

Al hasan says i’ll pay you a fee for your visits and if you catch something good in the wild with your knife, maybe I can give something more.

Being bored and all Fredrik accepts the deal.

Hassan Al'aram

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