2015-07-17: Dr Hedo Sataname discovers asteroid HX-4123 heading on a near collision course withe Earth. Approximate Impact date: 2016-11-17. It is an extinction level event sized Asteroid.

2015-10-17: NASA confirms Dr. Sataname’s prediction, and updates to 95% certainty of collision. US governement begins accelerating the ARK program implementation.

2015-12-25: US government announces the Asteroid’s impact and forthcoming ARK program, retrofitting Continuation of Government Bunkers to include Cryogenic tanks and energy plants. The asteroid is anounced as only a 50% likelihood, to reduce panic.

2015-12-31 First mass suicide takes place in Tampa, Florida. The Asteroid is named Lucifer’s Hammer, a play on Dr. Sataname’s name.

2016-01-09: US Government institutes Martial Law as end of Day Cults conitinue to cause chaos.

2016-02-15 Gaia’s Defenders claims responsibility for Santa Clara Meltdown, claiming Lucifer’s Hammer is a reset for the World, and attemtping to put an end to US government’s Asteroid Busting mission based on JPL investigation. Power outage leads to 5 weeks of rioting and Chaos in California, the state is basically written off.

2016-05-13: Defacto miltary rule in the US as citizen’s revolt and hoarding reaches peak levels after 6th Nuclear plant Meltdown. US Military allowed to shoot first, most civil liberties are eliminated. Rest of the world is also in shambles.

2016-06-06: Pakistan launches on India, who retaliates. China launches against Russia. Iran launches against Israel, which is obliterated but retaliates against Iraq, Iran, Egypst and Saudi Arabia with dirty bombs previously emplaced. US unveils Star Wars program athat avoids any disasters in US.

2016-07-17: First ARK program activated near Butte, Montana.

2016-11-17: Last of the 5 ARK Programs launched. there are 10,00 living in each. Lucifer’s Hammer impacts.

2016-11-18: The comet lands in China, causing massive Earthquakes on the Pacific rim and Tsunami’s destroy the coastal areas. Nuclear winter is compounded by the debris.

2018: Colonel Graham Oconell takes comand of Montana and Indaho. He establishes 1 company at each small town, which serves as a focal point for security.

2038: The Free Republic of Montana has established a system based on Free Cities under the Command of a Lord Captain. They all reported to the Lord Captain Commander, Oconnel. It was a Democracy with the vote allowed only to the active and retired military.

2042: Roger Adlesh is elected Lord Captain Commander. He decides to expand Westward over the Cascades, to investigate Washington and Oregon. He returns, but nobody else.

2079: The Free Republic has expanded Eastwards into North Dakota staying near the Missouri River, it’s expansion stopped by the Sioux Dominion. Northwards it has expanded to Lethbridge, but the Northern Barbarians of the plains are too powerful, even for Montana’a greater organization. The Republic has formed a nobility based on officer’s children, though there is still a tradition of service.

2101: Team Alpha fails it’s awakeneing.

2108: A southern expedition to Old Yellowstone park disappears, with only 1 survivor talking of animals that hunted men, and fey creatures who owned the night.

2125: Team Beta is succesfully awakened at 80% strength, sent to examine surroundings. Contact with descendants, severely backslid in technology in Montana. Team dissapears while exploring West of the Cascades.

2152: The Green Wardens come East over the mountains. They claim to be the descendants of Adlesh, and to have learned the true way in the lands beyond. Gaia’s way. Abandon technology, and serve the Green Masters.

2155: Montana sends another expedition West, that never returns. The first churches of Gaia begin to appear.

2167: Team Gamma is awakened at 50%, Athena continues to improve the awakenening process. Team Gamma repairs Athena as best possible, until they all die in a murder-suicide. No females in the group is made a rule.

2169: The Great plague hits Montana. Hundred of Thousands die, and only the Green Wardens and their Druids can move untouched among the sick. They promise life and health to those that convert and abandon the wicked ways of technology, the cause of the plague.

2200: The Republic of Montana has abandoned any technology more advanced than muscle, wind power and water power. The most advanced weaponry are crossbows and swords. The Technology ban is enforced by secret police and the Green Wardens. The High Lord Ronald Adlesh

2300: Team Delta is finally sent to investigate, they make contact with descendants and the rebellion. Files are sealed until following team proves trust-worthiness. Team is killed by the Green Wardens.

2357-03-12: Current date. Volcanic eruption caused damage and emergency awakenening of Team Echo.


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