Seeds of Freedom

Great Falls
Unlikely allies in enemy territory

Robert and John managed to arrive at Great Falls without any incident, and following their yakuza "companion"’s advice, entered amidst a throng of farmers and other craftsmen in order to blend in more easily and avoid notice. They were quickly led to an inn, which they assumed was owned or otherwise controlled by the Yakuza, and told to await summons. After several hours, in which they discussed the merits of going out and exploring the city. Robert argued against it, while John talked about its advantages. Finally, they were spared any further discourse for they had been called to attend the Yakuza.

They were ushered into the presence of an older man, who introduced himself as Hayabusa. He immediately registered everything about Robert and John, absorbing every detail about their appearance in what seemed a very short amount of time. Although he had been briefed about the newcomer’s appearance and way of speech, he clearly made sure of double-checking his underling’s findings. He was a man who would not tolerate incompetence, either in himself or those who surrounded him.

After this brief but revealing introduction, he asked both cryo’s about the caravan incident. They described the incident, and what had caused them to intervene (self-preservation). They also mentioned that the Tanaka soldiers were selling the prisoners they were transporting, to the Hill People. They were unable to ascertain the proper reasons for this, but certain possibilities, such as obtaining guides, creating tradenlanes through hostile territory, came to mind. This surprised Hayabusa very much, since he had garnered no information concerning these activities by part of the Tanaka noble house (proof of this was the crests that were worn by the Tanaka soldiers in the battle). After this, he asked the cryo’s about the prisoners, and they told him about how they tried to help them get out, but were unable to do much since the battle had alarmed nearby Hill People and they needed to make their escape. Hayabusa the asked them about several of the prisoners, just as Sato had done, and the cryo’s confirmed that a high standing member of the yakuza was indeed among the prisoners. The odd thing, according to Hayabusa, was that all records indicated that this particular prisoner had been executed a few months prior to the encounter, and probably the others had suffered similar subterfuge in their records.

Hayabusa proceeded to thank and reward the cryo’s, and offered them initiate standing in the Yakuza, offer which Robert said they would think about. He also asked the cryo’s to serve as guides to find the caravan prisoners, and Robert answered that would probably agree to that, but they had to mull things over a bit.

Finally, both Robert and John left the Yakuza for their inn (which had been paid for ’til the end of the week), to discuss and regroup.

Meanwhile, the rest of the group made their way to Great Falls more slowly, having to evade patrols and the semaphore stations along the way, arriving a couple of days later. During the interval, they retrofit the drone in order to detect radio signals. They also were starting to get worried sinxe they hadn’t heard from either John or Robert, until the latter clicked his radio’s mike. This worried the three cryo’s, and finally they asked Robert another question: what was the Fibonacci Series? Robert had no idea what that was, and so he answered something they would ALL know: Lucifer’s Hammer.

They finally arrived, and let Robert know that they were in the vicinity of Great Falls. As Robert made his way to meet them, with clothing he had bought for them, they made use of the intervening time to scan the area for radio signals with the drone. This led to the discovery of a signal emanating from the Order of Gaia’s cathedral spire.

The four of them made their way towards the town.

Making it out of Cascade
Difficult decisions

After John’s failed attempt at a stealthy exit from the Happy Dragon Inn, they decided to head to Cascade’s establishment of ill-repute. In here, John entered the establishment while Robert waited outside. Once John had “discharged” his troubles with the help of the working woman (in no way could she be described as a girl, but after 350 years of cryo-sleep, you’re not gonna complain about something of that ilk), and he was heading to the bar, he was intercepted by a man. John immediately identified a fellow comrade in shady dealings, who later identified himself as Haruka Sato. Mr. Sato was the head of the Yakuza who controlled all criminal activities in the Tanaka’s domain (and certain others beyond).

He had been alerted to John and Robert’s arrival the minute they stepped through Cascade’s gates, and had been watching them, as well as watching whoever else was watching the newcomers, He wanted to know what John and Robert’s purpose was in His town. They replied with some mis-leading information regarding their origins and mission, but John seemed to get embroiled in his own lies, flustered by Sato’s unceasing interrogation, which made Robert jump in and add that they were not alone, but part of a larger contingent, with the aim of gathering information to better facilitate contact between the people of Montana and their own faraway culture.

This seemed to quell Sato’s curiosity for a bit, and also the information regarding the prisoner exchange with the Hill People was also of major interest to him. He asked, and received confirmation, of a fellow Yakuza’s son being in the prisoner’s cage that they “liberated”. This prompted Sato’s “invitation” for Robert and John to go to Great Falls and meet with the aforementioned father, who was a clan member of high standing and personal friend of Sato’s. Hence, they had no choice but to accept said invitation, and that they would depart in a couple of days time.

Meanwhile, a platoon of Green Wardens arrived at Cascade, probably as a reinforcement in either the search for Michelle Davis, or apprehending the group that mauled their patrol near Townsend. This gave even more weight to their decision to leave Cascade, at least for the time being.

The following day, both John and Robert went to Harry Richardson‘s smithy, and asked to talk to Mike and Gerald. However, Harry warned them that the Seargent was a Gods-fearing man, and would likely turn on the cryo’s if given the chance to do so without endangering Michelle and Gerald. He told them to take care of it discreetly, and in such a way so that the lady and the housecarl wouldn’t suspect. It was a dirty and sad request, and although John was inclined to follow expediency on the matter, Robert, in good conscience, could not. Hence, they came up with the plan consisting of compromise: They would take Sergeant as a “bodyguard/guide” to Great Falls, and if anything happened to him there, well, at least it wouldn’t complicate things with Michelle and Gerald, at least in the short-term.

The next day, both cryo’s headed out with the caravan bound for Great Falls, accompanied by the sergeant, and one of Sato’s underlings.

Throughout all of this, Sebastian managed to get the drone fixed, and having communicated with the other 2 in Cascade, everyone was apprised of the change in plans.

New in Town

New Arrivals draw attention to themselves, specially in Border towns.

Actions and Consequences

Fredric, Sebastian and Peter change camp a second time and continue repairing the drone. In the meantime, Robert and John went shopping for goods. The first day they went down to Maggie the tailor to buy some clothes. She only had two sets of clothes, so they bought them, however Robert’s dimensions meant she had to take their measurements and would have the clothes ready in two more days. Maggie detected that the cloth used currently by Robert and John was fashioned by Tanaka people.

The next day Robert and John continued on their Cascade Reconnaissance mission they discovered that there were two inns, one general store, Maggie the Taylor and Harry the Blacksmith plus a Whore House. There was some cattle owners but they kept them on the other side of the river. John noticed that they had been followed by a group of townsfolk, unfortunately one of the stalkers discovered that John had seen them. Once Robert and John arrived back at the Happy Dragon Inn Robert went upstairs to their room while John sat down with a new young man who hadn’t been at the in the night before. The young man was quiet and wished not to speak to John. Robert discovered that there someone entered the room and had searched it but tried to leave it intact.

John saw that the quiet young man was watching them. Meanwhile Fredric tried to improve the camp to make it harder to spot while Sebastian and Peter managed to complete repairing the drone. John and Robert finally decided to go to rest for the night. They radioed Peter and told them they would go to the general store to buy some more goods to keep up their cover as hunters and scouts. Peter asked them to buy bowstring and arrows because he wants to make some crossbows.

The next morning Fredric, Peter and Sebastian woke up and used the drone to spot whether the watch patrol was near. Sebastian thought the idea of rigging the drone to give the capacity to drop a smoke grenade in order to create a diversion to give them some time to escape. Just after they finished rigging the sent it on the flying mission and spotted the watch patrol an hour from their campsite. Peter suggested leaving but Fredric and Sebastian kept their cool and decided to keep quiet and use the drone if necessary. Fortunately the watch patrol didn’t find them. They had dodged a bullet but Peter was starting to feel things getting close and was starting to think that it was better to leave Cascade before having to engage the patrol.

The next day Robert and John went to Maggie’s to retrieve their newly made clothes. Maggie gave it to them together with a small paper which read.

“Join us at our friends M & G”

Robert and John after intense deliberation decided to walk back to the Inn, there John would pretend to feel ill and go upstairs to disguise himself. Robert went to fetch some water and realized that Cascade had a healthy custom of boiling water, and a basic simple sewer system where everybody dropped their feces.

Once Robert arrived upstairs he saw John awful disguise, John tried again and simply botched it again. He decided to give a rest and just go as himself and stealthily go to Harry´s shop to get together with Michelle and Gerald. Just as he was climbing up to the roof he fell and dirtied his clothes. He decided the plan was ruined and climbed back up but got stuck in the window. Robert helped him climb up and just as he did he spotted someone watching them. The plan was ruin and after seeing that they had aroused suspicion from everybody decided to wait and develop a new plan.
Cascade was starting to become a dangerous place.

Into Cascade

A brideg crosses over the river, into a town overshadowed by a the local fort.


Its getting dark, and Cascade is just two hours away. Team echo decides to rest and establishes a campsite. The plan is to rest and decide how to proceed next. Gerald and Michelle were shocked at how team echo had defeated the last ambush and were a bit scared. Gerald just wanted to reach cascade and finish his mission.

John and robert want to try and find out more about Cascade, Michelle and establish relations with the rebellion. Gerald was reticent at first, but John´s quick wit and power of suggestion managed to convince Gerald to confide in them.
Gerald mentioned the Montana Liberation Front, which consists of a group of nobles, merchants, guild members who want to restore the old republic, overthrow the King and the Green Wardens and try to bring peace and prosperity to the old republic.
Gerald told them that Baron Davis and him were part of the MLF, and that Michelle was being tutored to join the group. Unfortunately the baron´s disappearance stopped her education, and they had to leave Davis for cascade in a hurry.
John kept pressing and Gerald mention that the baron knew about technology more than him. Gerald at this moment started feeling nervous and wished to stop speaking.

Fortunately John and him had guard duty together, and john managed to speak with him again. John mentioned how Peter and Sebastian can continue Michelle´s education, Robert can teach them how to heal people, but that they wish to establish contact with the rebellion to help restore the old republic. Gerald wasn’t completely convinced, but John discovered sufficient information. The blacksmiths are part of the MLF, and the contact in cascade is Harry Richardson.
John wanted to continue with Gerald and Michelle to meet Harry Richardson but Gerald refused, He was charged with her protection but feared that if the group continued together Michelle would continue in danger.

Next morning Gerald, Michelle and the sergeant left for cascade, The group stayed in camp and decided the next course of action.
After intense debate, Team echo decided to separate, John and Robert would walk into cascade disguised as hunters from davis and try to buy goods and establish identities in order to continue into a bigger town were the team could be less conspicuous. Meanwhile Fredric, Sebastian and Peter would make another camp and start fixing the drones.

After hiding from a Watch patrol, John and Robert arrive at cascade and enter cascade through the North gate. John asks the guard what inn to go to and he is recommended the Happy Dragon Inn.On their way Robert spots a young pickpocket trying to steal from John. He reaches the kids and shoves him off hard.

“Don’t try to steal again from us” Robert called out to the young thief.

Robert and John finally reach the dragon inn and discovered while playing dice with some local drunks that they are workers for the local miner who is staying at the Stone Raven Inn.
John and Robert decide that pretending to be miners could be an excellent cover for the party and would grant them liberty to move at ease.

They decided to rest for the night and using the radio sent a message to rest of team echo to watch out for the patrol so they are not spotted.

Sanctuary is just beyond
The rivers, and the path, run north.

Once the samurai ambush was defeated, John checked the bodies to check whether they were dead or alive. John stated that all of the were dead and pushed them over the edge of the mine. Peter went to help stabilize Robert but he is starting to distrust John´s actions towards fallen foes.
Once Robert was stable enough to be carried Peter, Fredric and Sebastian helped look for a camp nearby to rest and leave the copper mine which could be attacked again. The party decided to rest and recuperate from the deadly ambush.
The next day team echo starting the march towards cascade heading north through the road. Nothing happened the second day after the ambush. They found a regular camp and Robert continued to rest and heal himself.
The third day was another regular day of march and Robert finally finished healing himself together with the rest of the party. However, team echo failed to find and establish a decent camp, so the night´s rest wasn’t sufficient to rest. Part of the team was tired.
The fourth day of march was a difficult one, the terrain was hard and the trail used wasn’t an easy one. Plus several backtracks had to be taken which increased the total marching time making it an exhausting day. However they discovered and old bunker probably made in the 1960´s from the basement of a house. The hatch was successfully opened from the outside by Peter and Fredric, Robert and John could find anything to make a torch. At that moment naively Sebastian turned on his flashlight. Gerald and the sergeant were awe struck and worried at the obvious display of forbidden technology. The whole party reprimanded Sebastian for his carelessness.
The group of adventurers went inside the bunker, where they discovered a tube radio with analog signal. Inside the bunker another door was found which was locked. Peter and sebastian broke the keyhole trying to crack it open when Robert found the set of keys. Again fredric and Peter opened the door after three hours of work. Sebastian found some radio tube, old car batteries, radio baterries, and some old dated useless cans of foods.
Peter and sebastian fix the radio. As they discover that the antenna is missing Robert and Fredric hear some drums from the hill people. Robert thinks its a code signal. Together with John´s codemaking skills, Sebastian´s encryption program and Peter´s mathematics they solve the simple code and discover that the drums are used as signals to inform of the team echo´s location and distance. The drums seem to get closer and according to Peter´s calculations they are 1 hour from the bunker camp.
Team Echo decides to lock the bunker hatch with the keyset Robert had found. and continued their march towards cascade. The team reaches the end of the valley and manages to see Cascade at about a day’s march. They continue north when Peter and Sebastian spot a group of thirty hill people hiding in the tall grass closing the last exit from Hill people territory. The situation looked difficult 30 hill people against 8, with a horde of hill people closing in from behind.
What would be the best decision? Peter argued for picking the off with Fredric´s sniper rifle and with the M4 when they came at closer range. John not believing in Fredric´s snipér ability argued for a stealthy escape. Robert knowing that Peter´s and Sebastians almost null capacity to hide would hinder John´s option, used his tactical knowledge to devise a plan.
Fredric hit the first shot killing one hill people at the spot. Unfortunately he missed the second shot giving away the team´s position. The hill people started their charge towards the party´s position. The Hill people advanced the 1000 feet of distance that separated them.
Thanks to Fredric´s true aim, several hill people were shot as they charged while 6 escaped from fear from this strange deadly force from the sky. Eleven hill people were killed in total from Fredric´s rifle once he ran out of bullets. Then Robert, Peter and Jhon started firing their M4 rifles falling more foes. Sebastian, John and Fredric took out their Glock´s and killed the remaining hill people. In total 24 hill people were dead, and 6 escaped. Fredric picked his shell casings. While the rest of the party continued the route towards cascade and away from the ever closing in hill people drums.
A few minutes later the drum noise totally dissipated.

The Wild Hunt

Time to run. Time to hide.

Once the party had returned to the campsite, Peter and Fredric were suffering from high fever and Gerald was in really bad shape. Sebastian and Peter examined Athenas digital maps, Fredric and John lead the group towards the north while Roberts tried to hid the team’s tracks. Sebastian and Peter informed the group that there was an abandoned copper mine to the northwest where they could rest. Everyone agreed on the plan. The group of adventurers was really hurt and Gerald needed rest while Robert needed time to help nurse the group back to health.

The team arrived at the copper mine and rested the first night with no problem. Fredric and Peter were useless. Thanks to Robert they manage to restore themselves. John kept watch while Michelle and the sergeant took care of Gerald.

During the night John heard noises, and the forest was unusually quiet. The team had been tracked and found. Robert needed time to stabilize Gerald and heal him from the serious infection he was under. Peter tried to investigate if there could be another exit. Unfortunately it was to dark and lighting a torch or using our flashlights would be to much technology for Michelle and the others.

The team decided to stay another day to help restore gerald back to shape. Unfortunately Peter didn’t manage to contain his anxiety and he made a huge ruckus giving away their position.

The next moment some smoke bombs were set at the entrance of the mine. Time was running out and Team echo had to survive the attack. John climbed through the border of the ledge to help put out the smoking bush ball, while Peter and Sebastian were installing the bridge in order to cross.

All of a sudden Samurai leader who had previously escaped stood up from his hiding position and fired a red arrow at John striking. The poisonous arrow didn´t disable him. Then three Hill people entered the cave to strike John, however they missed against his dextrous defense.Robert walked toward the ledge and took out his M4, while fredric aimed at the Samurai leader with his rifle.

John walked back across the ledge to help the rest pack their gear. Fredric managed to hit the Leader before he hid again. Peter finally finished installing the bridge with Sebastian’s help. Next Robert sprayed bullets at the two hill people in front of them, killing them. Fredric crossed the bridge but was hit by two samurai arrows. Peter crossed the bridge and with his knife felled a Hill people.

Smoke was starting to fill the mine entrance, visibility was reducing and soon the smoke would start filling the member’s lungs. Fredric and Peter were trying to push the smoke bombs outside but they were being to slow. Robert tried to cross the bridge but slipped and fell. John went to his aid. Sebastian was overwhelmed and didn’t manage to cross the bridge. The samurai attackers threw two more Smoke bombs, now the entrance was filling with smoke at double the rate and soon Team echo would run out of breathable air.

Sebastian and Robert managed to cross the bridge with John´s help. However it was too late, the air was toxic, it was time to leave the entrance and face whatever laid outside. Fredric run out of the cave and went to the right, while Peter ran to the left. Both were shot with arrows by the samurai.

Slowly the rest managed to step outside of the cave into the fresh air. However the moment Robert stepped out of the smoke , the samurai leader fired a deadly arrow straight into Robert´s chest disabling the young marine medic.

Peter charged towards the samurai that had fired upon him, killing him with his bowie knife. fredric also managed to down his samurai attacker with a precise shot from his handgun.
Only the leader was left when finally John ran out from the mine. The last samurai kept his attention on fredric trying to hit him with his arrow.

“Leave us Alone or I will make it rain fire upon you” Peter warned the samurai with a trembling voice.

The samurai paid no attention to Peter´s warning, and took out his katana to attack fredric. John shot at the samurai while Peter approached them to have a closer shot at the last surviving samurai. Once Fredric retreated from the samurai, Peter threw his grenade hurting the samurai. Finally John recommended combining their attacks in order to hurt the tough samurai and stop him.

At the same time Michelle the sergeant and gerald picked Robert and were retreating from engagement. Michelle managed to stabilize Robert.Finally with two deadly hits the last samurai was killed but not before he manage to land a few attacks at team echo´s members.

The samurais had been killed, the drone remains were now under sebastians care. However if wether team echo will survive and reach cascade still looks extremely hard.

The Hills have eyes!

Badly wounded, far up the hills, Team Echo must fight there way back to civilization


It had been a tough battle. Gerald, Frederic and Peter had suffered severe wounds and the three of them had gotten infected. Their fever was rising. John was checking the fallen enemy while Robert set to cure gerald deadly wounds. Peter in the meantime checked the prisoners cart and looked at the camp for what could be used.
Peter heard how John killed a fallen Tanaka soldier. They got on an argument. Peter continued to strive to let them live and question them. John just wanted to make sure no one followed us.
John tied the next one to the nearest tree. Unfortunately he escaped. But the party wasn’t in the best of shapes to track him down. Robert managed to operate Gerald’s wounds.
Now they were ready to set march towards cascade. However the prisoners were question first by John. They didn’t discover much from them except they had been sold as food to the hill people. Robert and peter gave them some weapons so they could be protected.
The prisoners cries and curses were slowly drowned by the distance but marked Robert’s and Peter’s consciousness nevertheless.
They marched as quickly as they could through the north in direction to the previous camp near the old antenna station. When they arrived at the path they discovered the previous carelessness would make their previous camp to easy to track.

They continued north by the road and decided to camp somewhere else. Time was pressing but they managed to find a great campsite to recuperate. However next day Fredric discovered that a hill people scout had tracked them and discovered our campsite. Robert, Fredric and Peter raced after him.

The chase was tough the scout knew the terrain and was fast. Robert was the only one to manage to keep up Peter and Fredric were running behind. However at the edge of the cliff the scout couldn’t manage to keep his balance and fell.

Robert managed to arrive next to the scout and fire a shot but it wasn’t enough to kill him. Fredric arrived next and also missed his shot. The scout woke up and managed to defend himself, while Peter finally arrived but also suffered the same accident and tripped.
Robert finally managed to shoot down the hill people scout. They returned back to camp to continue their escape from hill people territory.

Samurais versus Team Echo

“We should not engage!, we are on a secret mission” repeated Fredric.
bq). “We should free the slaves. Clearly Tanaka’s men are in league with the hill people. Selling innocent men into bondage like cattle. We cannot stand idly and just watch.” Argued peter.
bq). “We don’t know if they are slaves, perhaps they’re criminals.” answered John.
Robert remained silent struggling within. Sebastian voted to intervene. Gerald was against it, while Michelle was in favor of taking action. Finally, Robert decided to keep hidden but letting Sebastian pilot his drone to investigate the “slaver team”. However they had to follow them closer.
Sebastian managed to start the drone s but the hard winds were making it hard to pilot the miniature plane. When the drone was arriving to Tanaka’s men campsite a sudden gust of wind made it hard for Sebastian to maintain the hidden position behind a branch. The samurai archers heard the drone’s disturbance and fired at it. The drone was hit. The last images were those of a samurai hacking it with his katana.
“The conditions have changed.” Peter exclaimed at Robert privately. “We cannot let Tanaka’s slavers roam with drone technology. Remember Athena’s prime directive.”
At this last phrase, Robert changed his initial position and remembering his military training pressed the rest of the party to attack the slavers.
The plan consisted in first letting Fredric and John scout ahead to investigate. while the rest of the party followed at a distant.
Fredric and John moved swiftly through the hills, they got to high territory to see the party´s campsite. Fredric saw with his scope a samurai talking with the hill people and handing them half of the men locked away in the cart. These men had been stamped in the forehead with Letters. Fredric only managed to ascertain the Letters M and R. Later the band of hill people left Tanaka´s slave party heading west toward the river. The slave team picked up camp and continued heading south on the river. John and Fredric headed back toward the rest of the party. They informed of what they saw.
Peter and Robert pressed to resume the chase as quickly as possible and hunt the slavers. Gerald continued arguing to head back north towards cascade as planned. Fredric and john told them of the markings and Gerald told them that meant they were criminals, murderers and rapists.
However this didn´t change peter´s and Robert´s will to continue and recuperate the drone. The party continued south and at dusk arrived near the campsite. John and Robert hatched a plan. John would flank the campsite and create a diversion while the rest of the party approached silently from the hilltops.
John managed to flank the campsite. Fredric and Robert stealthily moved towards their position. However Peter´s clumsiness alerted the camp. John tried to lie his way out of the situation but the samurai´s did not believe him. He alerted the team by radio of his situation. Surprise had been lost and circumstances were looking dire.
Fredric fired first but was not making enough damage to stop the samurais. John was trying to hide from the elite hill people guide and the Samurai. Robert also managed to hurt the samurai, but it wasn´t enough to stop them. Michelle and Gerald managed to down a couple of samurai until their arrows disabled Gerald and Michelle went to his rescue. Peter finally arrived at his position and threw a grenade killing a samurai.
Meanwhile the second Hill people guide climbed towards Fredric´s position and hit him with a vicious blow, disabling him. Robert kept firing at the samurai but with little avail. Peter Shot at the hill people and managed to kill him with one shot. He later went towards Fredric and having watched Robert’s previous healing interventions managed to stabilize Fredric. John managed to kill his samurai pursuer and escape the hill guide. The rest of the samurais retreated as finally the battle was looking in their favor. However the second hill people guide continued his pursuit of John, finally he landed a good shot and felled the humanoid guide.
The battle had been won but at great cost. Fredric and Gerald were disabled by the samurai precise arrows. However 3 samurais and his leader were still around. and a cart full of prisoners was still around.
Sebastian finally arrived after struggling with the terrain.
What will happen. Should we press the samurai, free the prisoners?

On the main road

After a nasty encounter with the hill people, which resulted in Peter and Sergeant incapacitated, team Echo an Mike decided to make camp for the day. In that night deciding how to advance, Robert applied all of his medicine skills to recuperate our fellow mates, leaving them practically recuperated but Sergeant recieved an infection due to the serious wounds he had.

With that, the team proceded the next day uneventfully to fin Route 89 in pretty good condition but with extensive and recurrent use (ox cart marks) in the road.

This surprised both Mike and the team, in which Mike couldn’t understand why in hill people country there could be signs of trade or massive transportation. Under that condition, and with the objective of keeping a low profile but fast march, both the team Echo and the Mike’s entourage kept to the hiding as best they could their equipment an outfits (nonetheless Sebastian’s solar panel charge – actual mirror on a backpack cannot be considered low profile)

At the end of the second day of march in Route 89, sebastian noticed a Weather and communications tower on the offside hill. Inquiring through John to Michaela we indicated that as part of our mission we should investigate these archeological findings of the “Old Age”, although they are considered cursed lands from the desolation times that came some 300 years ago. Mike was very interested in participating but Robert “insistingly” asked Mike to help with the forage.

In truth, the team expressed the need to rest and forage the surroundings while doing the “archeological survey” which in fact gave the opportunity to team Echo to install the first repeater with the ARK.

For that Peter, Sebastian an Frederic trekked up the hill and prepared a secured mounting and comm link to the ark which included enough bandwidth to send a video feed (hurrah for non congested internet radiobandwith). Peter in charge of climbing and mounting the repeater managed to observe a cloud of dust about to hours march from our base camp. He informed to robert, whom told sebastian to send the drone for more intel.

The drone picked up a caravan consisting of Samurai dressed people (possibly House Tanaka representatives), ox carts which appeared to be transporting slaves. And a group of Hill People acting as guides and scouts. (Strange to find this kind of collaboration in a known territory dominated by the Hill People).

Also, the drone detected a second group of hill people indirection of the caravan, supposedly to meet and reinforce it.

Under that scenario, with the team split and base camp at 1 hour of this caravan, the dilemma is,

A) we attack and free the “slaves” further exposing our technological superiority
B) detour the main route and avoid contact with the caravan.
C) another approach to be seen if both parts of the team meet.

What shall it be?


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