Robert Granger

Army Corpseman, Liutenant


Warrior 1

Strength 1
Dexterity 1
Constitution 2
Intelligence 1
Wisdom 2
Charisma -1


Init +6
Bonus +1
CMB +2
Melee +2
Ranged +2
Flat-Footed 11
Melee 12
Ranged 12
CMD 13
Feint/Notice 18/18


Medicine (Bonus Skill) +8
Survival (Bonus Skill) +8
Athletics +7
Notice +8
Stealth +8
Knowledge (Nature) +7
Sense Motive +8

Saving Throws

Toughness +8
Fort 19
Ref 16
Will 17

Feats & Powers

Firearms Training (Bonus Feat)
Armor Training (Light) (Bonus)
Improved Initiative
Master Plan
Light Sleeper


US-Army-Infantry-Tattoo.jpgFirst Lietunenat Robert Granger, of the US Army, Corpseman, was one of the few military men placed in the Ark stasis program due to his combined military and medicinal expertise. Although, a bit on the quiet side, he is tough, smart and uncompromising, loyal to the program and to higher authority.

Although not an ambitious man by any means, he is willing to do what it takes to achieves the goals set out before him, though never at the cost of a peer. This uncompromising work ethic has gained him the admiration of some and the envy and loathing of others who wish him ill. However, he doesn’t let this keep him from his duty.

Robert Granger

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