Seeds of Freedom

The Wild Hunt

Time to run. Time to hide.

Once the party had returned to the campsite, Peter and Fredric were suffering from high fever and Gerald was in really bad shape. Sebastian and Peter examined Athenas digital maps, Fredric and John lead the group towards the north while Roberts tried to hid the team’s tracks. Sebastian and Peter informed the group that there was an abandoned copper mine to the northwest where they could rest. Everyone agreed on the plan. The group of adventurers was really hurt and Gerald needed rest while Robert needed time to help nurse the group back to health.

The team arrived at the copper mine and rested the first night with no problem. Fredric and Peter were useless. Thanks to Robert they manage to restore themselves. John kept watch while Michelle and the sergeant took care of Gerald.

During the night John heard noises, and the forest was unusually quiet. The team had been tracked and found. Robert needed time to stabilize Gerald and heal him from the serious infection he was under. Peter tried to investigate if there could be another exit. Unfortunately it was to dark and lighting a torch or using our flashlights would be to much technology for Michelle and the others.

The team decided to stay another day to help restore gerald back to shape. Unfortunately Peter didn’t manage to contain his anxiety and he made a huge ruckus giving away their position.

The next moment some smoke bombs were set at the entrance of the mine. Time was running out and Team echo had to survive the attack. John climbed through the border of the ledge to help put out the smoking bush ball, while Peter and Sebastian were installing the bridge in order to cross.

All of a sudden Samurai leader who had previously escaped stood up from his hiding position and fired a red arrow at John striking. The poisonous arrow didn´t disable him. Then three Hill people entered the cave to strike John, however they missed against his dextrous defense.Robert walked toward the ledge and took out his M4, while fredric aimed at the Samurai leader with his rifle.

John walked back across the ledge to help the rest pack their gear. Fredric managed to hit the Leader before he hid again. Peter finally finished installing the bridge with Sebastian’s help. Next Robert sprayed bullets at the two hill people in front of them, killing them. Fredric crossed the bridge but was hit by two samurai arrows. Peter crossed the bridge and with his knife felled a Hill people.

Smoke was starting to fill the mine entrance, visibility was reducing and soon the smoke would start filling the member’s lungs. Fredric and Peter were trying to push the smoke bombs outside but they were being to slow. Robert tried to cross the bridge but slipped and fell. John went to his aid. Sebastian was overwhelmed and didn’t manage to cross the bridge. The samurai attackers threw two more Smoke bombs, now the entrance was filling with smoke at double the rate and soon Team echo would run out of breathable air.

Sebastian and Robert managed to cross the bridge with John´s help. However it was too late, the air was toxic, it was time to leave the entrance and face whatever laid outside. Fredric run out of the cave and went to the right, while Peter ran to the left. Both were shot with arrows by the samurai.

Slowly the rest managed to step outside of the cave into the fresh air. However the moment Robert stepped out of the smoke , the samurai leader fired a deadly arrow straight into Robert´s chest disabling the young marine medic.

Peter charged towards the samurai that had fired upon him, killing him with his bowie knife. fredric also managed to down his samurai attacker with a precise shot from his handgun.
Only the leader was left when finally John ran out from the mine. The last samurai kept his attention on fredric trying to hit him with his arrow.

“Leave us Alone or I will make it rain fire upon you” Peter warned the samurai with a trembling voice.

The samurai paid no attention to Peter´s warning, and took out his katana to attack fredric. John shot at the samurai while Peter approached them to have a closer shot at the last surviving samurai. Once Fredric retreated from the samurai, Peter threw his grenade hurting the samurai. Finally John recommended combining their attacks in order to hurt the tough samurai and stop him.

At the same time Michelle the sergeant and gerald picked Robert and were retreating from engagement. Michelle managed to stabilize Robert.Finally with two deadly hits the last samurai was killed but not before he manage to land a few attacks at team echo´s members.

The samurais had been killed, the drone remains were now under sebastians care. However if wether team echo will survive and reach cascade still looks extremely hard.


IanWatt IanWatt

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