Seeds of Freedom

The Hills have eyes!

Badly wounded, far up the hills, Team Echo must fight there way back to civilization


It had been a tough battle. Gerald, Frederic and Peter had suffered severe wounds and the three of them had gotten infected. Their fever was rising. John was checking the fallen enemy while Robert set to cure gerald deadly wounds. Peter in the meantime checked the prisoners cart and looked at the camp for what could be used.
Peter heard how John killed a fallen Tanaka soldier. They got on an argument. Peter continued to strive to let them live and question them. John just wanted to make sure no one followed us.
John tied the next one to the nearest tree. Unfortunately he escaped. But the party wasn’t in the best of shapes to track him down. Robert managed to operate Gerald’s wounds.
Now they were ready to set march towards cascade. However the prisoners were question first by John. They didn’t discover much from them except they had been sold as food to the hill people. Robert and peter gave them some weapons so they could be protected.
The prisoners cries and curses were slowly drowned by the distance but marked Robert’s and Peter’s consciousness nevertheless.
They marched as quickly as they could through the north in direction to the previous camp near the old antenna station. When they arrived at the path they discovered the previous carelessness would make their previous camp to easy to track.

They continued north by the road and decided to camp somewhere else. Time was pressing but they managed to find a great campsite to recuperate. However next day Fredric discovered that a hill people scout had tracked them and discovered our campsite. Robert, Fredric and Peter raced after him.

The chase was tough the scout knew the terrain and was fast. Robert was the only one to manage to keep up Peter and Fredric were running behind. However at the edge of the cliff the scout couldn’t manage to keep his balance and fell.

Robert managed to arrive next to the scout and fire a shot but it wasn’t enough to kill him. Fredric arrived next and also missed his shot. The scout woke up and managed to defend himself, while Peter finally arrived but also suffered the same accident and tripped.
Robert finally managed to shoot down the hill people scout. They returned back to camp to continue their escape from hill people territory.


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