Seeds of Freedom

Sanctuary is just beyond

The rivers, and the path, run north.

Once the samurai ambush was defeated, John checked the bodies to check whether they were dead or alive. John stated that all of the were dead and pushed them over the edge of the mine. Peter went to help stabilize Robert but he is starting to distrust John´s actions towards fallen foes.
Once Robert was stable enough to be carried Peter, Fredric and Sebastian helped look for a camp nearby to rest and leave the copper mine which could be attacked again. The party decided to rest and recuperate from the deadly ambush.
The next day team echo starting the march towards cascade heading north through the road. Nothing happened the second day after the ambush. They found a regular camp and Robert continued to rest and heal himself.
The third day was another regular day of march and Robert finally finished healing himself together with the rest of the party. However, team echo failed to find and establish a decent camp, so the night´s rest wasn’t sufficient to rest. Part of the team was tired.
The fourth day of march was a difficult one, the terrain was hard and the trail used wasn’t an easy one. Plus several backtracks had to be taken which increased the total marching time making it an exhausting day. However they discovered and old bunker probably made in the 1960´s from the basement of a house. The hatch was successfully opened from the outside by Peter and Fredric, Robert and John could find anything to make a torch. At that moment naively Sebastian turned on his flashlight. Gerald and the sergeant were awe struck and worried at the obvious display of forbidden technology. The whole party reprimanded Sebastian for his carelessness.
The group of adventurers went inside the bunker, where they discovered a tube radio with analog signal. Inside the bunker another door was found which was locked. Peter and sebastian broke the keyhole trying to crack it open when Robert found the set of keys. Again fredric and Peter opened the door after three hours of work. Sebastian found some radio tube, old car batteries, radio baterries, and some old dated useless cans of foods.
Peter and sebastian fix the radio. As they discover that the antenna is missing Robert and Fredric hear some drums from the hill people. Robert thinks its a code signal. Together with John´s codemaking skills, Sebastian´s encryption program and Peter´s mathematics they solve the simple code and discover that the drums are used as signals to inform of the team echo´s location and distance. The drums seem to get closer and according to Peter´s calculations they are 1 hour from the bunker camp.
Team Echo decides to lock the bunker hatch with the keyset Robert had found. and continued their march towards cascade. The team reaches the end of the valley and manages to see Cascade at about a day’s march. They continue north when Peter and Sebastian spot a group of thirty hill people hiding in the tall grass closing the last exit from Hill people territory. The situation looked difficult 30 hill people against 8, with a horde of hill people closing in from behind.
What would be the best decision? Peter argued for picking the off with Fredric´s sniper rifle and with the M4 when they came at closer range. John not believing in Fredric´s snipér ability argued for a stealthy escape. Robert knowing that Peter´s and Sebastians almost null capacity to hide would hinder John´s option, used his tactical knowledge to devise a plan.
Fredric hit the first shot killing one hill people at the spot. Unfortunately he missed the second shot giving away the team´s position. The hill people started their charge towards the party´s position. The Hill people advanced the 1000 feet of distance that separated them.
Thanks to Fredric´s true aim, several hill people were shot as they charged while 6 escaped from fear from this strange deadly force from the sky. Eleven hill people were killed in total from Fredric´s rifle once he ran out of bullets. Then Robert, Peter and Jhon started firing their M4 rifles falling more foes. Sebastian, John and Fredric took out their Glock´s and killed the remaining hill people. In total 24 hill people were dead, and 6 escaped. Fredric picked his shell casings. While the rest of the party continued the route towards cascade and away from the ever closing in hill people drums.
A few minutes later the drum noise totally dissipated.


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