Seeds of Freedom

Samurais versus Team Echo

“We should not engage!, we are on a secret mission” repeated Fredric.
bq). “We should free the slaves. Clearly Tanaka’s men are in league with the hill people. Selling innocent men into bondage like cattle. We cannot stand idly and just watch.” Argued peter.
bq). “We don’t know if they are slaves, perhaps they’re criminals.” answered John.
Robert remained silent struggling within. Sebastian voted to intervene. Gerald was against it, while Michelle was in favor of taking action. Finally, Robert decided to keep hidden but letting Sebastian pilot his drone to investigate the “slaver team”. However they had to follow them closer.
Sebastian managed to start the drone s but the hard winds were making it hard to pilot the miniature plane. When the drone was arriving to Tanaka’s men campsite a sudden gust of wind made it hard for Sebastian to maintain the hidden position behind a branch. The samurai archers heard the drone’s disturbance and fired at it. The drone was hit. The last images were those of a samurai hacking it with his katana.
“The conditions have changed.” Peter exclaimed at Robert privately. “We cannot let Tanaka’s slavers roam with drone technology. Remember Athena’s prime directive.”
At this last phrase, Robert changed his initial position and remembering his military training pressed the rest of the party to attack the slavers.
The plan consisted in first letting Fredric and John scout ahead to investigate. while the rest of the party followed at a distant.
Fredric and John moved swiftly through the hills, they got to high territory to see the party´s campsite. Fredric saw with his scope a samurai talking with the hill people and handing them half of the men locked away in the cart. These men had been stamped in the forehead with Letters. Fredric only managed to ascertain the Letters M and R. Later the band of hill people left Tanaka´s slave party heading west toward the river. The slave team picked up camp and continued heading south on the river. John and Fredric headed back toward the rest of the party. They informed of what they saw.
Peter and Robert pressed to resume the chase as quickly as possible and hunt the slavers. Gerald continued arguing to head back north towards cascade as planned. Fredric and john told them of the markings and Gerald told them that meant they were criminals, murderers and rapists.
However this didn´t change peter´s and Robert´s will to continue and recuperate the drone. The party continued south and at dusk arrived near the campsite. John and Robert hatched a plan. John would flank the campsite and create a diversion while the rest of the party approached silently from the hilltops.
John managed to flank the campsite. Fredric and Robert stealthily moved towards their position. However Peter´s clumsiness alerted the camp. John tried to lie his way out of the situation but the samurai´s did not believe him. He alerted the team by radio of his situation. Surprise had been lost and circumstances were looking dire.
Fredric fired first but was not making enough damage to stop the samurais. John was trying to hide from the elite hill people guide and the Samurai. Robert also managed to hurt the samurai, but it wasn´t enough to stop them. Michelle and Gerald managed to down a couple of samurai until their arrows disabled Gerald and Michelle went to his rescue. Peter finally arrived at his position and threw a grenade killing a samurai.
Meanwhile the second Hill people guide climbed towards Fredric´s position and hit him with a vicious blow, disabling him. Robert kept firing at the samurai but with little avail. Peter Shot at the hill people and managed to kill him with one shot. He later went towards Fredric and having watched Robert’s previous healing interventions managed to stabilize Fredric. John managed to kill his samurai pursuer and escape the hill guide. The rest of the samurais retreated as finally the battle was looking in their favor. However the second hill people guide continued his pursuit of John, finally he landed a good shot and felled the humanoid guide.
The battle had been won but at great cost. Fredric and Gerald were disabled by the samurai precise arrows. However 3 samurais and his leader were still around. and a cart full of prisoners was still around.
Sebastian finally arrived after struggling with the terrain.
What will happen. Should we press the samurai, free the prisoners?


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Samurais versus Team Echo
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