Seeds of Freedom

On the main road

After a nasty encounter with the hill people, which resulted in Peter and Sergeant incapacitated, team Echo an Mike decided to make camp for the day. In that night deciding how to advance, Robert applied all of his medicine skills to recuperate our fellow mates, leaving them practically recuperated but Sergeant recieved an infection due to the serious wounds he had.

With that, the team proceded the next day uneventfully to fin Route 89 in pretty good condition but with extensive and recurrent use (ox cart marks) in the road.

This surprised both Mike and the team, in which Mike couldn’t understand why in hill people country there could be signs of trade or massive transportation. Under that condition, and with the objective of keeping a low profile but fast march, both the team Echo and the Mike’s entourage kept to the hiding as best they could their equipment an outfits (nonetheless Sebastian’s solar panel charge – actual mirror on a backpack cannot be considered low profile)

At the end of the second day of march in Route 89, sebastian noticed a Weather and communications tower on the offside hill. Inquiring through John to Michaela we indicated that as part of our mission we should investigate these archeological findings of the “Old Age”, although they are considered cursed lands from the desolation times that came some 300 years ago. Mike was very interested in participating but Robert “insistingly” asked Mike to help with the forage.

In truth, the team expressed the need to rest and forage the surroundings while doing the “archeological survey” which in fact gave the opportunity to team Echo to install the first repeater with the ARK.

For that Peter, Sebastian an Frederic trekked up the hill and prepared a secured mounting and comm link to the ark which included enough bandwidth to send a video feed (hurrah for non congested internet radiobandwith). Peter in charge of climbing and mounting the repeater managed to observe a cloud of dust about to hours march from our base camp. He informed to robert, whom told sebastian to send the drone for more intel.

The drone picked up a caravan consisting of Samurai dressed people (possibly House Tanaka representatives), ox carts which appeared to be transporting slaves. And a group of Hill People acting as guides and scouts. (Strange to find this kind of collaboration in a known territory dominated by the Hill People).

Also, the drone detected a second group of hill people indirection of the caravan, supposedly to meet and reinforce it.

Under that scenario, with the team split and base camp at 1 hour of this caravan, the dilemma is,

A) we attack and free the “slaves” further exposing our technological superiority
B) detour the main route and avoid contact with the caravan.
C) another approach to be seen if both parts of the team meet.

What shall it be?


IanWatt Dwattzz

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