Seeds of Freedom

Making it out of Cascade

Difficult decisions

After John’s failed attempt at a stealthy exit from the Happy Dragon Inn, they decided to head to Cascade’s establishment of ill-repute. In here, John entered the establishment while Robert waited outside. Once John had “discharged” his troubles with the help of the working woman (in no way could she be described as a girl, but after 350 years of cryo-sleep, you’re not gonna complain about something of that ilk), and he was heading to the bar, he was intercepted by a man. John immediately identified a fellow comrade in shady dealings, who later identified himself as Haruka Sato. Mr. Sato was the head of the Yakuza who controlled all criminal activities in the Tanaka’s domain (and certain others beyond).

He had been alerted to John and Robert’s arrival the minute they stepped through Cascade’s gates, and had been watching them, as well as watching whoever else was watching the newcomers, He wanted to know what John and Robert’s purpose was in His town. They replied with some mis-leading information regarding their origins and mission, but John seemed to get embroiled in his own lies, flustered by Sato’s unceasing interrogation, which made Robert jump in and add that they were not alone, but part of a larger contingent, with the aim of gathering information to better facilitate contact between the people of Montana and their own faraway culture.

This seemed to quell Sato’s curiosity for a bit, and also the information regarding the prisoner exchange with the Hill People was also of major interest to him. He asked, and received confirmation, of a fellow Yakuza’s son being in the prisoner’s cage that they “liberated”. This prompted Sato’s “invitation” for Robert and John to go to Great Falls and meet with the aforementioned father, who was a clan member of high standing and personal friend of Sato’s. Hence, they had no choice but to accept said invitation, and that they would depart in a couple of days time.

Meanwhile, a platoon of Green Wardens arrived at Cascade, probably as a reinforcement in either the search for Michelle Davis, or apprehending the group that mauled their patrol near Townsend. This gave even more weight to their decision to leave Cascade, at least for the time being.

The following day, both John and Robert went to Harry Richardson‘s smithy, and asked to talk to Mike and Gerald. However, Harry warned them that the Seargent was a Gods-fearing man, and would likely turn on the cryo’s if given the chance to do so without endangering Michelle and Gerald. He told them to take care of it discreetly, and in such a way so that the lady and the housecarl wouldn’t suspect. It was a dirty and sad request, and although John was inclined to follow expediency on the matter, Robert, in good conscience, could not. Hence, they came up with the plan consisting of compromise: They would take Sergeant as a “bodyguard/guide” to Great Falls, and if anything happened to him there, well, at least it wouldn’t complicate things with Michelle and Gerald, at least in the short-term.

The next day, both cryo’s headed out with the caravan bound for Great Falls, accompanied by the sergeant, and one of Sato’s underlings.

Throughout all of this, Sebastian managed to get the drone fixed, and having communicated with the other 2 in Cascade, everyone was apprised of the change in plans.


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