Seeds of Freedom

Into Cascade

A brideg crosses over the river, into a town overshadowed by a the local fort.


Its getting dark, and Cascade is just two hours away. Team echo decides to rest and establishes a campsite. The plan is to rest and decide how to proceed next. Gerald and Michelle were shocked at how team echo had defeated the last ambush and were a bit scared. Gerald just wanted to reach cascade and finish his mission.

John and robert want to try and find out more about Cascade, Michelle and establish relations with the rebellion. Gerald was reticent at first, but John´s quick wit and power of suggestion managed to convince Gerald to confide in them.
Gerald mentioned the Montana Liberation Front, which consists of a group of nobles, merchants, guild members who want to restore the old republic, overthrow the King and the Green Wardens and try to bring peace and prosperity to the old republic.
Gerald told them that Baron Davis and him were part of the MLF, and that Michelle was being tutored to join the group. Unfortunately the baron´s disappearance stopped her education, and they had to leave Davis for cascade in a hurry.
John kept pressing and Gerald mention that the baron knew about technology more than him. Gerald at this moment started feeling nervous and wished to stop speaking.

Fortunately John and him had guard duty together, and john managed to speak with him again. John mentioned how Peter and Sebastian can continue Michelle´s education, Robert can teach them how to heal people, but that they wish to establish contact with the rebellion to help restore the old republic. Gerald wasn’t completely convinced, but John discovered sufficient information. The blacksmiths are part of the MLF, and the contact in cascade is Harry Richardson.
John wanted to continue with Gerald and Michelle to meet Harry Richardson but Gerald refused, He was charged with her protection but feared that if the group continued together Michelle would continue in danger.

Next morning Gerald, Michelle and the sergeant left for cascade, The group stayed in camp and decided the next course of action.
After intense debate, Team echo decided to separate, John and Robert would walk into cascade disguised as hunters from davis and try to buy goods and establish identities in order to continue into a bigger town were the team could be less conspicuous. Meanwhile Fredric, Sebastian and Peter would make another camp and start fixing the drones.

After hiding from a Watch patrol, John and Robert arrive at cascade and enter cascade through the North gate. John asks the guard what inn to go to and he is recommended the Happy Dragon Inn.On their way Robert spots a young pickpocket trying to steal from John. He reaches the kids and shoves him off hard.

“Don’t try to steal again from us” Robert called out to the young thief.

Robert and John finally reach the dragon inn and discovered while playing dice with some local drunks that they are workers for the local miner who is staying at the Stone Raven Inn.
John and Robert decide that pretending to be miners could be an excellent cover for the party and would grant them liberty to move at ease.

They decided to rest for the night and using the radio sent a message to rest of team echo to watch out for the patrol so they are not spotted.


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