Seeds of Freedom

Great Falls

Unlikely allies in enemy territory

Robert and John managed to arrive at Great Falls without any incident, and following their yakuza "companion"’s advice, entered amidst a throng of farmers and other craftsmen in order to blend in more easily and avoid notice. They were quickly led to an inn, which they assumed was owned or otherwise controlled by the Yakuza, and told to await summons. After several hours, in which they discussed the merits of going out and exploring the city. Robert argued against it, while John talked about its advantages. Finally, they were spared any further discourse for they had been called to attend the Yakuza.

They were ushered into the presence of an older man, who introduced himself as Hayabusa. He immediately registered everything about Robert and John, absorbing every detail about their appearance in what seemed a very short amount of time. Although he had been briefed about the newcomer’s appearance and way of speech, he clearly made sure of double-checking his underling’s findings. He was a man who would not tolerate incompetence, either in himself or those who surrounded him.

After this brief but revealing introduction, he asked both cryo’s about the caravan incident. They described the incident, and what had caused them to intervene (self-preservation). They also mentioned that the Tanaka soldiers were selling the prisoners they were transporting, to the Hill People. They were unable to ascertain the proper reasons for this, but certain possibilities, such as obtaining guides, creating tradenlanes through hostile territory, came to mind. This surprised Hayabusa very much, since he had garnered no information concerning these activities by part of the Tanaka noble house (proof of this was the crests that were worn by the Tanaka soldiers in the battle). After this, he asked the cryo’s about the prisoners, and they told him about how they tried to help them get out, but were unable to do much since the battle had alarmed nearby Hill People and they needed to make their escape. Hayabusa the asked them about several of the prisoners, just as Sato had done, and the cryo’s confirmed that a high standing member of the yakuza was indeed among the prisoners. The odd thing, according to Hayabusa, was that all records indicated that this particular prisoner had been executed a few months prior to the encounter, and probably the others had suffered similar subterfuge in their records.

Hayabusa proceeded to thank and reward the cryo’s, and offered them initiate standing in the Yakuza, offer which Robert said they would think about. He also asked the cryo’s to serve as guides to find the caravan prisoners, and Robert answered that would probably agree to that, but they had to mull things over a bit.

Finally, both Robert and John left the Yakuza for their inn (which had been paid for ’til the end of the week), to discuss and regroup.

Meanwhile, the rest of the group made their way to Great Falls more slowly, having to evade patrols and the semaphore stations along the way, arriving a couple of days later. During the interval, they retrofit the drone in order to detect radio signals. They also were starting to get worried sinxe they hadn’t heard from either John or Robert, until the latter clicked his radio’s mike. This worried the three cryo’s, and finally they asked Robert another question: what was the Fibonacci Series? Robert had no idea what that was, and so he answered something they would ALL know: Lucifer’s Hammer.

They finally arrived, and let Robert know that they were in the vicinity of Great Falls. As Robert made his way to meet them, with clothing he had bought for them, they made use of the intervening time to scan the area for radio signals with the drone. This led to the discovery of a signal emanating from the Order of Gaia’s cathedral spire.

The four of them made their way towards the town.


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