Seeds of Freedom



It is cold and the lights are too bright, making your eyes hurt. You are naked, and the uncomfortable plumming and IV feeds are still connected to your body. The blaring claxon of an emergency siren adds to the confusion.


Just Awakened

- Will +10 or Morale Condition because of disorientation
- Fort +10 or Disease Condition (Frostbite)

Unplugging IVs: Medicine DC 15 or +2 damage

Two unresponsive member (Captain Barr and Undersecretary Blank)

How to put out the fire

Computer Terminal: Flashes a fire alarm in Food Storage, but the fire suppressant system is off.
- Knowledge (Phys Sc.) DC 15: System uses special inert gases to choke fire. Something must be causing the system to fail
- Computer (Mainframe, Authorized User) DC 15 to find schematics of system
- Computer (Mainframe, Authorized User) DC 15 to find map of base (general areas)
- Computer DC 25 to open locked doors

Find Path and OPen Doors

DC 18 Skill Challenge (4 players, 7/5/4) if they have map -2 DC. If they’ve opened Doors (-5 DC)
Round 1: find Best Path (Search, Know (Tech), Computer)
Round 2: Bypass Locks (Computer, Disable Device, Search)
Round 3: Through Access Vent (Search, Disable Device, Athletics)

Fix System

DC 18 Skill Challenge
Round 1: Reach controls (Acrobatics, Athletics, Notice)
Round 2: Find Alternatives (Athletics, Search, Know (Tech), Craft)
Round 3: Jury Rig Solution (Craft (Mech), Disable Device, Athletics)

Athena Awakened:

Mainframe AI communicates with PCs. Informs that systems are damaged:

-Insufficient food to maintain all awakened personnel. (Enough for 2 months for team Alpha)
- Protocols indicate that scouting team must be sent out to test environment. Team was pre-set. Con-man was first to test system. Techie was chosen for his skills, as was Corpsman. Hunter was disposable. Barr was security and Undersecretary was to be in charge.
- Radiation level outside hasn’t diminished

Gear Up.
- Fatigues
- Firearms
- Radios
- Hazmat suit
- Geiger counter
- First Aid Kit
- Armor


John Doe wake up looking for “friendly” faces, the light dazzle and is difficult to think clearly. “FUCK something is fucking wrong!!!” – I try to remember what they told me to do. What does it mean the siren, are we fucked up? How long did we stay in stasis (Knowledge local check) ? What the hell I’m supposed to do? Is there anybody home? With anger i shout “FUCK something is fucking wrong!!!”

IanWatt IanWatt

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