Seeds of Freedom

Actions and Consequences

Fredric, Sebastian and Peter change camp a second time and continue repairing the drone. In the meantime, Robert and John went shopping for goods. The first day they went down to Maggie the tailor to buy some clothes. She only had two sets of clothes, so they bought them, however Robert’s dimensions meant she had to take their measurements and would have the clothes ready in two more days. Maggie detected that the cloth used currently by Robert and John was fashioned by Tanaka people.

The next day Robert and John continued on their Cascade Reconnaissance mission they discovered that there were two inns, one general store, Maggie the Taylor and Harry the Blacksmith plus a Whore House. There was some cattle owners but they kept them on the other side of the river. John noticed that they had been followed by a group of townsfolk, unfortunately one of the stalkers discovered that John had seen them. Once Robert and John arrived back at the Happy Dragon Inn Robert went upstairs to their room while John sat down with a new young man who hadn’t been at the in the night before. The young man was quiet and wished not to speak to John. Robert discovered that there someone entered the room and had searched it but tried to leave it intact.

John saw that the quiet young man was watching them. Meanwhile Fredric tried to improve the camp to make it harder to spot while Sebastian and Peter managed to complete repairing the drone. John and Robert finally decided to go to rest for the night. They radioed Peter and told them they would go to the general store to buy some more goods to keep up their cover as hunters and scouts. Peter asked them to buy bowstring and arrows because he wants to make some crossbows.

The next morning Fredric, Peter and Sebastian woke up and used the drone to spot whether the watch patrol was near. Sebastian thought the idea of rigging the drone to give the capacity to drop a smoke grenade in order to create a diversion to give them some time to escape. Just after they finished rigging the sent it on the flying mission and spotted the watch patrol an hour from their campsite. Peter suggested leaving but Fredric and Sebastian kept their cool and decided to keep quiet and use the drone if necessary. Fortunately the watch patrol didn’t find them. They had dodged a bullet but Peter was starting to feel things getting close and was starting to think that it was better to leave Cascade before having to engage the patrol.

The next day Robert and John went to Maggie’s to retrieve their newly made clothes. Maggie gave it to them together with a small paper which read.

“Join us at our friends M & G”

Robert and John after intense deliberation decided to walk back to the Inn, there John would pretend to feel ill and go upstairs to disguise himself. Robert went to fetch some water and realized that Cascade had a healthy custom of boiling water, and a basic simple sewer system where everybody dropped their feces.

Once Robert arrived upstairs he saw John awful disguise, John tried again and simply botched it again. He decided to give a rest and just go as himself and stealthily go to Harry´s shop to get together with Michelle and Gerald. Just as he was climbing up to the roof he fell and dirtied his clothes. He decided the plan was ruined and climbed back up but got stuck in the window. Robert helped him climb up and just as he did he spotted someone watching them. The plan was ruin and after seeing that they had aroused suspicion from everybody decided to wait and develop a new plan.
Cascade was starting to become a dangerous place.


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